Walmart Prescription Transfer Gift Card

Walmart prescription transfer gift cardWalmart is one of my favorite pharmacies, as they not only have low prices, but they also give out great $25 Walmart prescription transfer gift cards in order to coax people to buy their drugs at their store. Not only do these coupons help save money when stocking up on all your pharmaceutical needs, but they can also be used on just about anything and everything under a Walmart roof. ┬áIt’s easy to see why so many people cut their favorite coupons out of several newspapers whenever they see a deal they want to use.

What is the gift card?

It is very easy to obtain a $25 off store credit Walmart card from your pharmacy. All you have to do is find a twenty-five dollar prescription coupon, which can be found in newspapers, store fliers, or even at the pharmacy desk itself. Sometimes you just have to politely ask the pharmacist if they have any transfer specials going on the time. If they say no, ask them where to find a transfer coupon in the future if you want one at a later date. Either way, all it takes is that magical piece of paper. Whether it’s from a website online, or a Valpak, Walmart will honor it. In fact, even better than that is that Walmart will let you use any brand’s pharmacy coupons at their counter. That means you can use exclusive deals from CVS, Walgreens and Target – even at Walmart.

Right now until the last day of 2012 you can find and print a Safeway Prescription Transfer coupon for a $25 gift card, at their official site! Just because some Walmart Pharmacies accept competitor coupons does not mean all will. Take a moment and talk to the store manager, just to be sure.

Where do I use my card?

You can use your transfer coupon and card at any of the nearly 9,000 Walmart stores and entities around the United States. Make sure to read the fine print for any rules and or restrictions. Originally founded in 1962 by the famous Sam Walton himself, what started as a single store grew into an empire of quality goods at low prices. The corporation that owns the chain also owns Sam’s Club warehouse stores, which was the pre-Costo way to buy large quantity goods at wholesale prices. The Walmart brand is known in nearly sixty languages around almost twenty countries. In terms of sheer revenue, Sam Walton’s company claimed the #1 spot as world’s biggest public corporation in 2010.

Simply find a Walmart near you and have the pharmacist transfer your medications. The whole process takes just minutes and a simple phone call. Now present your coupon to be rewarded with your gift card which can be used on your very next purchase.

You may be happy to hear that Walmart Pharmacy offers many ways to save on drugs every day. They offer select generics for just $ for a 30 day supply and $10 if you would prefer the 90 day supply. This can often end up being cheaper then your copay. On the list of drugs covered under this deal is common most prescribed medicines. Anyone with or without insurance may take advantage of this amazing daily offer.

Past Walmart Prescription Coupons

Walmart distributed some of these awesome $25 gift card coupons via traditional mailing inserts in local newspapers, readers reported in early June of 2011. I have yet to see any of these in my city, but the second they hit the street I tend to hear about them because my friends and I are all pharmacy gift card addicts. What can we say – we know how to save a dollar (or twenty-five!) when shopping for our families.

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