Walgreens Prescription Transfer Gift Card

Walgreens, like many other pharmacies these days, wants you to transfer your prescriptions to one of their many locations. They are happy to offer a gift card when you make the switch. Although this particular deal is not always available, it seems to be popping up quite frequently. You want to save on your medications and Walgreens want you as a long time customer. It seems like a perfect marriage to me. We will help you find the deal. You just need to grab an old bottle of medication and bring it into your local Walgreens pharmacy. The pharmacist on duty is happy to do the rest for you.

Where Can I Find Walgreens Pharmacy Transfer Gift Cards?

Great question. You can GET ONE NOW!

Believe it or not, the best place to look is on the Walgreens official company website. The offer we have found over and over again is a coupon for a $25 gift card when you transfer your medications. In fact, as we write, the coupon is available and does not expire until 12/31/2012! In three easy steps you can transfer your prescription yourself online, or simply have the pharmacist do so for you. The coupon can be printed from home. You will easily find the link from their homepage. Just click “Transfer your prescription now” and then you can scroll down and to the right and you will see “Click here to print your coupon.” It could not be easier.  Read the fine print for any restrictions.  Talk to the pharmacist to see if you can use a coupon for each medication you have. This may have to be done on different days, if they allow it. But just think, 4 medications means $100 worth of gift cards! If you prefer you may also just simply pick up one of their circulars. When the prescription transfer coupon is available, it is super easy to find and never hidden.

Truthfully there are many other reasons to jump ship and join the Walgreens family. Getting a refill could not be easier. Manage your medications online. You can even sign up for automatic refills. They offer a savings club for those with little to no drug coverage. You may also notice the Take Care Clinic. This is a company that comes in and can treat minor illness, common cold or acute injuries. No appointment is needed and they do honor most major drug coverage policies. Have no insurance? No problem, prices are very affordable.  The convenience of being able to be seen, treated and being able to pick up your medications all under one roof can be priceless.

Some Walgreens locations offer drive through service and some stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We all remember those late nights of getting sick, visiting the hospital and then hunting for a pharmacy that is open.

We all know we need more then just prescribed drugs at times in our life when we are not healthy. The store is jammed packed with so many other health related items from over the counter meds to a vaporizer or ankle bandage.

protip: Most pharmacies gladly accept competitor coupons. These pharmacies do everything they can to win repeat customers, so you can likely use a Target coupon at a Walgreens near you. It might be purdent to call the pharmacist ahead of time, though, to see if they have a specific coupon policy or program.

 Walgreens, a name you can count on for all your drugs and other health related items

Walgreens is one of the largest pharmacies ever, reporting about 8,170 stores across the US. In fact, you can find atleast on (but usually many more) in every state. The company was started just at the turn of the 20th century; Charles R. Walgreen being the founder, and Alan McNally holding the title as chairman of the company. Gregory Wasson sits as the CEO and President of one of the most prestigious names in the pharmacy industry.


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