Kroger Prescription Transfer Gift Card

Kroger seems eager to put out their prescription transfer coupon for a gift card often. They want you as a new life long customer. The store probably gives away thousands of dollars in $25 prescription gift cards every year due to the volume of their sales. Dwarfing all other grocers in America, Kroger and its affiliate stores make it the largest chain of grocery stores in the country. If you’re looking to save money on Kroger prescriptions, you don’t need to look much farther than on basic online websites and local newspapers. I know that sounds silly and simple, but there are few tricks in the book to get free goods from your drug store.

Where can I get a Kroger Prescription Gift Card?

The prescription transfer gift card isn’t the hard part of the equation to make real – it’s actually the coupon that gets you the card that’s a little trickier to find. Pharmacies mail out what they call a transfer prescription coupon, which is essentially a way to get you inside a store like Kroger to spend your money on groceries and OTC medications while your pharmacist fills your prescriptions. Kroger often mails these discounts out to their frequent customers, their address being identified by their store rewards card. If you haven’t signed up for your store rewards card yet – do it! It’s the easiest way to get cash off or money back whenever you shop at Kroger – whether it’s on food or at the pharmacy, the rewards card will always surprise you with the savings it can bring. We have also seen the deal right at the front of their weekly circular. More often then not, you can expect to get the offer to get you a free $25 gift card.

You should never be afraid to ask your pharmacist directly if they have an extra coupons sitting around the desk. Often times, if you play nice with the pharmacist and make small talk (hopefully over the course of your relationship, not just when you need something) they might be able to find a transfer promo for you somewhere. This is one of the benefits of being a loyal customer. as stores like to keep loyal customers, so they often reap the best rewards, service and even exceptions to the rules.

How much is the card worth?

Most cards like this are worth $25. Some, if you’re lucky, are worth $30. We have yet to see any pharmacy gift card worth more than these amounts.

How do I get a Kroger prescription transfer gift card?

Search engines like Google and Yahoo are a great second stop for drug store coupons. The first stop should be the officially sanctioned sites of those stores, themselves. There is often no better resource for Kroger discounts than, well, the Kroger website! After that, you should visit the standard lineup of deal sites, such as RetailMeNot,, and a few other good Kroger pharmacy savings site.
The coupon you use to get the card usually expires at some point, so keep your eye on that expiration date because there is a 99.1% chance that they won’t let you use it once the date has past. Again, it never hurts to ask.

Kroger Pharmacies offer a super exciting everyday savings plan. You can get generic forms of your medications for just $4 for a 30 day supply and $10 for a 90 day supply. To view a full list of which drugs are included, simply visit the Kroger official site. Some of the most commonly prescribed medications are included, so the deal is well worth looking into. Many folks end up paying less then they would with their copay.  Once a Kroger customer you may start managing your refills online. Many Kroger locations have a Little Clinic tucked inside. No appointment is needed. They welcome everyone with or without insurance. Next time you have a common cold or minor injury, you may just want to be seen there. Skip your regular doctors office all together. No need to drive anywhere to pick up medications, if you need any. Having everything you need all under one roof could be reason enough to transfer your prescription to your local Kroger.


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2 Responses to “Kroger Prescription Transfer Gift Card”

  1. Kroger did away with the gift cards at least a yr ago. They load your awards card with the $25.
    As of last yr, Kroger, CVS, Target, WalMart, Walgreens, & Tom Thumb – quit accepting competitor coupons. They only accept their own. I live in N. TEXAS – DFW area. I was told that this was direction they received from their corporate offices, so it should be consistent throughout the US.

  2. Kroger prescription coupons can be found in their midweek sale insert, come directly in the mail, or print out on a Catalina coupon… ;)