CVS Prescription Transfer Gift Card

CVS is a well known pharmacy with many convenient locations across the United States. Many customers trust that their health and medications are in good hands with a CVS pharmacist. Perhaps you have been thinking about transferring your prescriptions to one of their many locations. Prescription transfer gift cards are available from time to time to encourage you to take the leap and make the switch. There are many other reasons to transfer a prescription to a CVS Pharmacy which we will go over briefly in a moment.

Other CVS Pharmacy Coupons

You may ask where to go to find a CVS prescription transfer gift card. Let’s first take a step back and explain what you will be looking for. Usually you are looking for a CVS prescription transfer gift card coupon. The coupon will allow you to transfer a prescription and then receive a gift card for the amount posted. This is usually good for anything in the store. Typical amounts found are anywhere from $5 up to $25. What we keep finding over and over again is a gift card in the amount of $25 for making the switch. Now, where to look for these coupons. Visit the CVS official site home page.

From here you can view the weekly ad and view current specials. The prescription transfer gift card coupon may be found in the weekly ads or even at the home page. If you do not have access to the Internet, just look for the CVS Pharmacy weekly sales paper in the mail or at store locations. You can always bi-step the above and just talk to the pharmacist at CVS. Ask him or her if there is currently a prescription transfer gift card available. If not, ask if they will honor competitor coupons. Some CVS locations may and some may not.

Discount Prescriptions & Coupon

The next question that may come to mind is how hard is it to transfer a prescription to CVS. The answer is simple. It is easy to transfer a prescription. Just talk to the pharmacist and he or she will take care of it for you. Answer a few simple questions and before you have a chance to get familiar with the new store, your prescriptions will be transferred. Now that you are a CVS customer, there a few things you may need to know. Getting a refill could not be easier. They offer both in store and online services. You can request a refill online with the click of a button or go the old fashioned route and call it in.

If you ever have a question about your medication or illness, visit the CVS extensive online library. Find drug information, articles on what you are suffering with and an entire section devoted to wellness. Once you get well, CVS wants you to stay well. Learn all you can about living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy. Look up and print hundreds of healthy recipes. They will even help you plan your meals. CVS does not want you to find a prescription transfer gift card coupons to switch over. They want to make sure you are glad you did.

Transfer Prescription Gift Card for CVS

CVS Pharmacies accept over 5,000 insurance plans. The first rule of thumb when transferring a prescription is to be sure they accept and honor your drug coverage plan. CVS Pharmacies sell thousands of other over the counter and health related products. Often times we do not need just a prescribed medication. We may need other products or aids to help us get back on our feet. It is nice to know that at CVS we can find practically everything we need all under one roof.

Some CVS stores offer 24 hour service, drive through and even the MinuteClinic. The MinuteClinic allows you and your family to be seen or treated in CVS. No need for a special doctors appointment. Have a cold, minor injury or just need a vaccination? Many folks love the added benefit of being able to be seen, get treated and get your prescription all at one place. Just one of the many reasons to transfer your prescription to CVS.

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